The Lights of Lobethal Festival

Lights Switch On Sunday 12th of December 2021

Living Nativity Cancelled

The renowned Lobethal Living Nativity is a gift from the Hills Christian Churches to the people. 

It is a traditional re-enactment of the events of the first Christmas, complete with a real baby “Jesus”, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Angels, Wise men, and a large menagerie of animals featuring camels, donkeys, goats, lambs, calves, tame doves, a baby alpaca and a dog, all set in a straw strewn stable producing the appropriate sights, sounds and smells.

The Biblical text and carols accompany the 15 minutes “show”, which is performed at 8.50 and 9.20 each evening, beginning on the on . 

Authenticity is a major factor in the costumes also, and no expense has been spared over the years. All materials and decorations have been carefully chosen, designed, lovingly sewn and financed by local Christians.

Presented nightly in front of the Lutheran Church, Main Street, Lobethal.

First show 8.50pm – 9.10pm

Second show 9.20pm – 9.40pm

The first performance on opening night is later as it follows the fireworks display which is at 9.00pm

Lights On Ceremony





Living Nativity




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